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At the Northwestern Children’s Practice in Chicago, our providers offer developmental screenings and treatment that can help children throughout the Chicagoland area get the specialized care they need.

Developmental Screening Q & A

What is done during a developmental screening?

During a developmental screening, a child's overall development and upcoming milestones are discussed with the healthcare provider. This usually takes place at the annual, or well‐child, exam. The Northwestern Children's Practice follows the guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics when obtaining metrics for comparison. The Northwestern Children's Practice is also connected to a large network of specialists, should a child need to be referred for developmental concerns.

What is an autism screening?

According to the Center for Disease Control, autism spectrum disorders affect roughly 1.5 percent of children. These disorders can cause issues with behavior and socialization that can have a measurable effect on a child's wellbeing. Autism symptoms frequently develop during the early stages of childhood. Autism and developmental screenings involve special techniques and assessments to ensure that any symptoms present are investigated early on. Testing is then repeated as the child develops and can include parent/patient interviews and physical evaluations. Additionally, neurological tests, hearing and vision tests, and other forms of screenings may be recommended to establish a diagnosis or rule out other causes of abnormal behaviors or developmental limitations.

What treatments are available for children with autism?

Autism spectrum disorders can be addressed with counseling and behavioral therapy. At your child's 18 month old visit routine screening for autism is performed with the MCHAT assessment. The Northwestern Children's Practice is able to refer patients to the appropriate specialist should further assessment or treatment be needed These techniques address behavior and social problems as well as aid with learning disorders. Many children with developmental disorders find it very helpful when there are special modifications to their school settings. This helps them to focus and improve their learning and cognition. Therapy can also provide a space where children can discuss any issues they are dealing with and successes they had.

What is Asperger's syndrome?

Asperger's syndrome is a very mild type of autism. It can cause issues with a child’s behavior and integration into society. Most people with Asperger's syndrome go on to lead very normal, healthy lives once they receive treatment and care.