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The Northwestern Children’s Practice in Chicago offers sleep consults for children, from infancy through adolescence, who have sleep difficulties. Our practice was founded by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a world-renowned sleep disorder specialist, who has authored several books including Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins; and Your Fussy Baby. Our providers are versed in several sleep training strategies, including The Weissbluth Method.

Sleep Consults Q & A

Why is sleep important for infants and young children?

Babies have unique yet predictable sleep patterns that can be challenging. Healthy sleep during the day will improve healthy sleep at night. This is important to wellness for the entire family and healthy sleep patterns will be discussed during all well-child visits. Sleep consults are available for families whose infants and children are experiencing sleep troubles.

How can you encourage healthy sleep habits in young infants?

  • Babies have predictable sleep patterns but they do not develop a regular sleep schedule until after 4-6 months of age. Sleep begets sleep, so put your baby down frequently so she does not get overtired.
  • Establish regular soothing routines from the beginning. Feed, sing, read, or rock your baby on his way to sleep. Eventually help your baby learn to put himself to sleep by putting him down when he is drowsy but awake.
  • Encourage sleeping in a quiet, motionless and safe place such as a bassinet or crib. Avoid using bumpers, pillows or toys in the crib.
  • Establish healthy sleep habits from the very beginning so your baby is well rested. Be consistent in your approach.

What affects infant sleep after the first 6 months?

  • Your baby may still need to feed during the night. If your baby wakes up hungry after being asleep for several hours, feed your baby and put him right back to sleep.
  • Your baby will regularly take several naps each day and will have an early bedtime. If your baby is overtired it will be hard for her to put herself to sleep. It is important to encourage self-soothing to optimize sleep for the whole family.

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