• Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Prevent and Treat Sleep Problems

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: Recipes for a healthy home

  • Kindness: A Contagious Disease

  • Guidelines on healthy fitness and nutrition habits!

  • All Year Resolutions

  • Working Together: Helping kids manage technology and social media

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Kindness: A Contagious Disease

Acts of kindness have psychosocial benefits, however there is also evidence that there are also physical health benefits. Dr Rebecca Unger describes the benefits of being kind, as well as offers practical advice for families to promote kindess.

Mar 20th, 2017
Sleep Training Tips

Dr. Marc Weissbluth, the founding member of the Northwestern Children's Practice, wrote a blog for the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital about sleep training tips.

Jul 21st, 2016
Motivating Teens To Stay Active During Summer

For teenagers, a healthy dose of physical activity and participation in family and community activities is a recipe for illness prevention, obesity prevention, and reducing risk-taking behaviors.

Jul 11th, 2016
What? Me Worry?

Karen Pierce, MD, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University, joined us at our Brown Bag Chat to talk about strategies and tools to help parents and families identify and manage anxiety

Jun 17th, 2016
Parenting Matters

It is never too early to talk and share ideas about making mindful decisions based on your values and what kind of parent you want to be

Jun 17th, 2016
A Day at the Museum

Ready for an adventure? Looking for a family activity that tickles everyone’s fancy? Want to run away from screen time for an afternoon? A post written by Terry Kass and Rebecca Unger MD

Jun 17th, 2016
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